Is Love is Blind canceled?

Love is Blind took reality fans by storm early last year. The first season of the popular dating reality show aired in February 2020. February 2021 is right around the corner, and many fans wonder if we’ll see a season 2. The good news is that Love is Blind is not canceled. The bad news is that Netflix hasn’t released a launch date for season 2 yet.

Love is Blind is a dating experiment involving singles who get to know each other without seeing each other. Each person hangs out in a pod and talks to another person on the other side of the wall. They can hear each other and spend as much time as they would like getting to know one another.

By the end of the experiment, the couples decide if they want to meet and either break-up or become engaged. During their brief engagement, they see each other’s real homes and plan a wedding.

On their wedding day, they can still call it quits or decide to commit.

Is Love is Blind canceled or renewed for season 2?

Netflix greenlit Love is Blind season 2 in March 2020, and the filming was in Chicago last summer. It’s unclear if the show was able to film the entire new season without any interruptions or not. They posted on their Twitter that they were casting last March, and we know they filmed either part of the season or all of it last summer. Their Twitter account has been silent since the public casting call.

There’s a bit of confusion because the show was casting for singles on dating apps in New York City recently, too. The creator of the show wanted everyone to live in the same city. So it’s unlikely that season 2 has individuals from Chicago and NYC. That means there’s potentially a season 3 on the horizon, and the couples will be from NYC. Fans of the show may remember that season 1 was in Atlanta.

No matter where the singles live, it seems that the filming for season 2 finished last year. But due to COVID-19, production may have struggled, and that’s why the season 2 release date is unknown at this time. Rumor has it that Love is Blind season 2 will air in the first half of 2021, though. So the wait shouldn’t be very long even though we don’t have a scheduled date yet.

Nick and Vanessa Lachey are back to host season 2 and even shared with Insider that it would be a very emotional season. If Love is Blind season 2 has been under wraps, it’s impressive how they have been able to keep the cast and marriages secret for this long.

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