What is Sammie from The Circle doing now?

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The Circle continues to be an easy reality go-to and a fast favorite for Netflix users. If you’ve tuned in, you already know it’s borderline impossible not to binge this one.

In season 1, one of the most compelling parts of this very modern reality show is the candid and unusually captivating contestants. That, of course, includes season 1 fan-favorite Sammie Cimarelli. But before we get to what Sammie has been up to since her time on the show, let’s go over the premise for The Circle.

What is The Circle about?

As described by Vulture:

"Netflix’s The Circle is bewildering viewers everywhere. Part reality show, part game show, part dating show, the series follows contestants living alone in apartments and competing against each other solely over a social-media platform called The Circle in order to win $100,000.But the catch is that some of them aren’t who they appear to be. Catfish are among us."

Sammie from The Circle now

On the show, Sammie earned a lot of respect for being honest with a tell it like it is approach while managing to (mostly) steer clear of ongoing drama and the notably tangled webs weaved by other contestants. Sammie also made a number of meme-worthy throw up expressions when any of the male contestants flirted with her, which now live on in infamy.

In the end, she came in third place but still took home a whopping $10,000 after winning the fan-favorite award. During her stint on The Circle, Sammie was working as a behavior technician. From the looks of it, she’s sticking to that career path for the long haul.

On social media, it was evident that she was in a very lovey-dovey relationship with Kenny Gamble for quite some time, but she hasn’t posted any photos cozying up to Kenny in a hot minute. It appears she might now be single.

Sammie’s Instagram bio notes that she’s currently living in Los Angeles and appears to be blossoming in sunny California as a devoted and adorable plant mom. Not to mention, she’s become quite the social media influencer.

This month, Sammie told her following she finally obtained her Master’s Degree after skipping a semester to appear on The Circle. She’s also now an official Savage x Fenty ambassador.

Needless to say, Sammie’s had quite the come up since her time on the show, but fans of The Circle never doubted that she’d accomplish pretty much anything she put her mind to. Congrats to Sammie on her continued success since the show ended.

And if you’re one of many wondering if The Circle is canceled, read this.

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