When is Trickster coming to Netflix?

When can you watch all six episodes of Trickster Season 1 on Netflix?

Trickster Season 1 is the latest Canadian acquisition to air on U.S. networks. It’s premiered on The CW, but you may want to wait to binge-watch it. That means waiting for it to come to Netflix, right?

Not all CW shows come to Netflix anymore. Those that were in the legacy deal, which included up to All AmericanCharmed, and Legacies, do come to Netflix but there is no guarantee anything else will. In fact, the more recent new CW shows have been going to HBO Max instead of Netflix.

So, what about Trickster? As a Canadian acquisition, things work a little differently. It will depend on the licensing details when The CW got to acquire the supernatural series.

Not all Canadian acquisitions have gone to Netflix, such as the other recent show Coroner.

When could Trickster be on Netflix?

Say the supernatural series does come to Netflix, when could all six episodes of the season arrive? It won’t be for a while yet.

The episodes will need to air on The CW first. The episodes will run throughout January and into February until Superman & Lois premieres.

When CW shows go to Netflix, they arrive eight days after the season finale dates. If this applies to Trickster, we could see it on Netflix as soon as the end of February. Wednesday, Feb. 24 to be exact.

It could take a little longer. All episodes are going to be on The CW App first. This series will probably follow the pattern of Coroner, which has all episodes available on The CW App to binge-watch. Shows that go to Netflix only see the previous five episodes available on The CW App. It suggests Coroner, and therefore Trickster, won’t go to Netflix.

Stay tuned for the latest updates about Trickster on Netflix.