Crack: Cocaine, Corruption and Conspiracy is coming to Netflix tonight

Netflix has so many great documentaries to choose from and this evening, they’re adding another one to the list. Crack: Cocaine, Corruption and Conspiracy is coming to the streaming platform tonight. The series debuts on January 11 in the early hours of 12:00 a.m. PT or 3:00 a.m. ET.

If you’re looking for more information about Crack: Cocaine, Corruption and Conspiracy, then you’ve come to the right place.

What is Crack: Cocaine, Corruption and Conspiracy about?

The new title is directed by documentary filmmaker Stanley Nelson Jr., who is best known for using his films to examine African-American history and experiences. His prior work includes documentaries like Freedom Riders, The Murder of Emmett Till, and The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution.

As reported by IndieWire, the documentary will examine the devastating effect the crack epidemic and the war on drugs had on the black community in the 1980s. The film will scrutinize cocaine’s origin as a party drug for the wealthy and the drug’s subsequent devastation on poor communities.

The movie will show archival footage that presents how the drug trade changed the landscape of cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Washington, DC and how the media’s portrayal of the situation demonized black communities. Crack: Cocaine, Corruption and Conspiracy will also explore how the local and federal government’s handling of the epidemic augmented the situation.

Below you will find a quote from Nelson about why the film is important to him and how he thinks the story the film tells will resonate with audiences.

As a filmmaker, what really interests me is how the past can help us to make sense of the present. Stories about subjects like the crack era, the Black Panther Party, the Freedom Riders, Emmett Till – when told accurately – are critical to understanding who we are as a nation today, and impact our ability to shape the future.

For a closer look at Crack: Cocaine, Corruption and Conspiracy, you can check out the trailer below.