Why isn’t The Office on Netflix?

Why isn’t The Office on Netflix?

Some subscribers may be curious to know why they can’t find The Office on Netflix anymore. Unfortunately, the answer to that conundrum is not at all ideal.

It’s no secret that The Office is one of the most-watched shows on Netflix despite the fact that it has not aired a new episode since 2013. The series has been a chart-topping sensation on the popular streaming service, and it’s understandable how everyone thought that their time at Dunder Mifflin would never come to an end.

Sadly nothing lasts forever, and it seems like a real punch in the gut that the reward everyone gets for surviving 2020 is that the go-to escape from reality is being yanked from every Netflix subscriber’s grasp.

The show that entertained viewers for years and helped launch the careers of Steve Carell, Jim Krasinksi, Mindy Kaling, and so many other talented individuals is no longer available on the streaming service.

The series left Netflix on Jan. 1, 2021.

While this is not the best news ever, it is important to remember that there plenty of great shows on Netflix that may not be able to fill the void completely left behind by The Office, but could definitely help jump-start the healing process and provide an engrossing enough experience to help fans move on from this tragic loss. Shows like Schitt’s Creek, Lucifer, Ozark, The Queen’s Gambit, Unsolved MysteriesThe Umbrella Academy, and Cobra Kai are just some of the exciting titles the streaming service has to offer.

Will The Office ever return to Netflix?

Unfortunately, there are no crystal balls to gaze into or tea leaves to read to figure if The Office will ever return to Netflix. Some would say it’s always good to have hope others would be realistic and realize that the streaming wars also have merciless consequences which include losing the iconic NBC series.

There is no telling if The Office will ever return to the streaming service it once called home. Stranger things have happened, but for now, it’s probably wise to expect the show to stay with its new home for the foreseeable future.

Where can you stream The Office now?

The Office is now back with the network that made, so to speak, in the form of NBCUnviverals’s streaming service, Peacock. The award-winning workplace sitcom joins an impressive lineup including Brave New World, Yellowstone, Saved By the Bell, 30 Rock, Downton Abby, and many more. They also have some exceptional films to enjoy as well.

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