Gossip Girl is leaving Netflix tomorrow

All six seasons of Gossip Girl are leaving Netflix tomorrow

This is your last warning. Gossip Girl will no longer be on Netflix tomorrow.

You’ve got all day tomorrow to finish watching the episodes. They officially leave Netflix at 12:01 a.m. PT on Friday, Jan. 1. That may just give you enough time to finish whatever season you’re on.

Remember you can always download the episodes to get an extra 30 days. This isn’t always the case depending on licensing agreements, but it works more than it doesn’t in my experience.

If you are worried about not getting through the whole season again, why not just watch your favorite episodes? You know the storyline back to front after so many rewatches, right?

The good news is that while Gossip Girl is leaving Netflix, we know exactly where the episodes are going next.

Gossip Girl is heading to HBO Max

As we suspected, Gossip Girl will head to HBO Max. This was always the more likely of places due to the reboot that is coming sometime in 2021. It makes sense to keep the two shows in the same place, especially since the reboot is more of a revival of sorts. The show is set in the same universe but years later with a new group of New York’s Elite.

All six seasons will be available on HBO Max from midnight on Friday, Jan. 1.

How long will it stay there? That we’re not sure, but as the series is a Warner Bros. show, it makes sense for it to stay there for the foreseeable. However, WarnerMedia does still offer deals with other streaming services, such as the Harry Potter movies heading to Peacock.

So, Upper East Siders, it’s time to make a shift if you want to continue watching the epic teen drama series that made big names for so many of its stars.

Which is your favorite episode of Gossip Girl? Let us know in the comments below.