15 good Netflix movies you missed in 2020

Work It -- Courtesy of Elly Dassas/Netflix
Work It -- Courtesy of Elly Dassas/Netflix /
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Over the Moon 2 - netflix movies
Over the Moon – Credit: Netflix /

6. Over The Moon

There is no shortage of family-friendly animated titles on Netflix, and with so many there to choose from, some can obviously get missed, and that’s okay. It’s understandable that no one could watch them all in a single year, so for those that feel they missed out on some titles such as Over the Moon. Don’t worry; there is still time.

When it comes to the computer-generated fantasy film filled with musical greatness, it’s definitely a movie that many people have enjoyed and should rank high on everyone’s watch list. The animation is top-notch, making this out of this world feature a win for anyone that watches it.

Over the Moon follows a girl named Fei Fei, who is fascinated by the legend of the Moon goddess Chang’e, who took a potion that gives her immortality and sends her to the moon without her lover Houyi. Ever since then, the legend says she patiently waits there for him. Unfortunately, Fei Fei loses her mother before the annual moon festival honoring the legend. Years later, when her father is going to remarry and no longer believes in Chang’e, Fei Fei decides to build a rocket in order to travel to the moon to prove she exists. This heartfelt tale has powerful messages about dealing with loss and family, making it a sleeper hit that no subscriber should miss out on.