5 shows to watch if you like Alice in Borderland

Alice in Borderland - Credit: Netflix
Alice in Borderland - Credit: Netflix /
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Alice in Borderland – Credit: Netflix /

5 shows like Alice in Borderland

The Netflix action sci-fi thrill-ride Alice in Borderland has resonated well with subscribers and garnered an impressive Rotten Tomatoes score in the process.  The well-executed live-action adaptation of the popular manga series of the same name from Haron Aso is full of brilliantly choreographed fight sequences, remarkable visuals, and an enticing narrative, making it a must-watch affair from start to finish.

The story follows a group of delinquents trapped in an alternate version of Tokyo where the only way to survive is to play life-threatening games. After experiencing the exhilarating eight episodes of the exceptional Japanese series, fans will understandably be looking for a formidable follow-up, so here are five shows that deserve a watch.

1. 3%

Netflix’s award-winning Brazilian dystopian thriller, 3%, is another high-rated Rotten Tomatoes series that has been given positive reviews from critics. The show is set in a future where 20-year-old inhabitants of the impoverished area known as “Inland” have an opportunity for a chance at a better life to the more affluent “Offshore” society.

This is done through what they call “The Process,” a series of tests where unsuccessful candidates are eliminated and because it’s so difficult that only about 3% of the candidates survive, hence the name of the show. There are four seasons available of the thrilling ordeal available on Netflix to follow-up any Alice in Borderland binge session.