Kieffer from Teen Mom 2: Where is he now?

Kailyn, Jenelle, Chelsea, and Leah from Teen Mom 2 on MTV
Kailyn, Jenelle, Chelsea, and Leah from Teen Mom 2 on MTV /

Curious what the infamous Kieffer Delp from Teen Mom 2 is up to these days? You’re not alone, friends.

Ever since seasons 1 and 2 of the MTV reality series found its way to Netflix this month, fans are getting just as invested in the lives of its cast members as we all were the first time around.

However, all of that real-time drama initially unfolded back in 2011, and I’m sure it goes without saying that a lot can happen in almost ten years.

For those who’ve yet to start binging Teen Mom 2, the hit MTV series follows the lives of some of the cast members from the second season of 16 and Pregnant as they continue navigating motherhood.

And for those who have watched the early episodes of Teen Mom 2, you’re likely aware of who Kieffer is by now. As noted by Pop Culture, Kieffer Delp was Jenelle Evans’ on-again, off-again boyfriend for a little while, who was dealing with notable addiction issues.

Jenelle’s mom, Barbara Evans, famously labeled him a “bad influence,” and the rest is Teen Mom 2 history. Much like the controversial reality star, Kieffer was no stranger to trouble with the law back then. And from the looks of it, that has continued to be the case for quite sometime.

Kieffer from Teen Mom 2 in 2020

According a report by Pop Culture, Kieffer Delp has been arrested 15 times for various crimes. Back in August of 2020, there was yet another warrant out for his arrest. Reportedly, Kieffer’s most recent “run-in with the law” is actually due to a 2018 arrest, where police discovered a fully functioning meth lab he was running in his home.

After taking a plea deal and serving a little time, Delp was released on parole. As noted by Pop Culture, he was arrested again just six days later for leaving Pennsylvania when he legally wasn’t supposed to. Currently, it’s not clear where exactly Kieffer’s at, but hopefully he’s staying safe and out of trouble wherever he is.

As In Touch Weekly reports, the former Teen Mom 2 cast member looks to be investing his time and refocused energy into fitness. In recent months, Kieffer Delp has shared various posts about his new journey. Check out the positive post below.

However, the tweet above was from May 2020, and the warrant for his arrest after he stopped reporting to his parole officer was reported about in August 2020. We’re hopeful that this was just a minor mishap for Kieffer Delp, and not a full return to his previous ways. His last tweet was shared in June 2020.

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