7 best Netflix documentaries of 2020

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7. Best Netflix documentaries of 2020: Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution’

The 20th century was a time of great struggle, and most of us learned in school about the fight for African American civil rights. What’s often overlooked in academic curricula, though, is the struggle for disability rights. Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution gives us a first-hand view of a world that brushed handicapped people to the side, and it shows us everything that it took to fight back.

In one of the best Netflix documentaries in 2020, we’re first introduced to Camp Jened. Lovingly called “a summer camp for the handicapped run by hippies,” everything that disabled individuals had been denied throughout their lives was offered at the camp. You literally saw paraplegic campers going around the bases – without wheelchairs – during baseball games.

The film goes on to show many of these campers fighting in D.C. for rights they should’ve already had. Even members of other major political forces – such as the Black Panthers – stood at these individuals’ sides. With a Rotten Tomato score of 100 percent, trust me when I say you’ll fall in love with this movie.

Did we nail the best Netflix documentaries in 2020?

While many of these documentaries might appear to be tailored towards specific groups, the widespread appeal of each cannot be denied. Of course, any “best of” list is entirely subjective. Do you think we got it right? Tell us what films or series you would’ve listed as the best Netflix documentaries in 2020. Help us discover some hidden gems!

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