Is Disenchantment season 3 on Netflix?

DISENCHANTMENT (L to R) Abbi Jacobson as Bean and Nat Faxon as Elfo in DISENCHANTMENT. Cr. NETFLIX © 2020
DISENCHANTMENT (L to R) Abbi Jacobson as Bean and Nat Faxon as Elfo in DISENCHANTMENT. Cr. NETFLIX © 2020 /

Where to watch Disenchantment season 3

Netflix has released two hilarious seasons of brilliant drunken misadventures, and fans everywhere are eager to know when and where they can watch the hugely anticipated Disenchantment season 3. After what went down in the final moments of the last chapter, it’s no question that subscribers are excited to see what the future holds for Princess Bean, Luci, and Elfo.

Netflix ordered 20 more episodes of the adult-oriented animated sitcom. Late it was revealed via the show’s Twitter account that Disenchantment season 3 would arrive sometime in 2020.

But the next installment was delayed thanks to the Coronavirus Pandemic. While many feared for the show’s future, actor John DiMaggio, who voices King Zog on the Netflix animated series, reassured fans in August that things were still on track and they would just take a bit longer.

What is Disenchantment about?

Disenchantment follows Princess Tiabeanie, or Bean as she likes to be called, who continuously rebels against the establishment and makes all sorts of swashbuckling maneuvers to avoid her princess duties. Things kick off when she escapes a royal engagement, and she runs away on an adventure with a half-Elf named Elfo and a demon named Luci.

Together, the three encounter every medieval trope and cliche one can think of in a clever and laugh-out-loud manner and even get tied up in an ancient conspiracy. There is no shortage of drinks, thrills, and laughs in the Netflix original series, and it’s no surprise subscribers are very curious to learn when Disenchantment season 3 will become available on Netflix.

Is Disenchantment season 3 on Netflix?

Disenchantment season 3 will miss its window to release in 2020 and won’t be coming out before the year is up. It was announced that the series would return on January 15, 2020, debuting a brand new poster offering subscribers the opportunity to leap into the unknown with Bean and friends once again.

The new poster and release date weren’t the only early Christmas gifts fans received that will surely help start their new year the right way. A brand new trailer offered viewers a glimpse of all the chaotic fun and mayhem set to go down in Disenchantment season 3, making the entire endeavor a must-watch affair.

The preview gives fans a look at what’s to come, and it seems subscribers will be in for another great set of episodes regarding the wickedly funny animated sitcom. Fans of Disenchantment will not want to miss a second of what’s in store for season 3.

We will be sure to keep everyone up to date on all things relating to Disenchantment season 3. Stay tuned for more news and information about the next chapter of the Netflix original animated series.

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