Is A Teacher on Netflix?

A TEACHER Episode 3 -- Pictured: Kate Mara as Claire Wilson. CR: Chris Large/FX
A TEACHER Episode 3 -- Pictured: Kate Mara as Claire Wilson. CR: Chris Large/FX /

Interested in watching A Teacher? You’re in luck! We’re here with the scoop on where you can stream this highly-buzzed about TV drama this very minute. But first, let’s go over the plot.

What is A Teacher about?

Created by Hannah Fidell, A Teacher is an FX miniseries based on Fidell’s 2013 film of the same name. In the made-for-TV-drama version, the life of a high school teacher in Austin, Texas starts falling apart after her affair with a student comes out and comes to an end. As more and more details are revealed, the situation for all involved turns from bad to worse.

Kate Mara stars as Claire Wilson, the young and well-liked high school teacher who finds herself in serious trouble after developing an unhealthy infatuation and inappropriate relationship with a student. Nick Robinson plays Eric Walker, the high school senior she has the affair with.

Ashley Zukerman, Shane Harper, and Marielle Scott also take on key roles in A Teacher.

Is A Teacher based on a true story?

While this show deals with some very real and timely issues, it is not based on a true story.

Reported by Refinery29, Fidell decided not to focus on any particular teacher-student affair, but rather she aimed to shed light on the issue as a whole in the hope of helping others. Also noted by the publication, she worked closely with therapists who specialized in childhood sexual assault to give the show its true to life elements, including her depiction of the lasting effects abusive relationships and encounters can have on its young survivors.

Is A Teacher streaming on Netflix?

Sadly, this one is not on Netflix. However, we have some very good news for those with a Hulu account!

Where to watch A Teacher

The Kate Mara-led series debuted November 10, 2020 via FX on Hulu. That means you can watch all the latest episodes on Hulu. So far, there are eight episodes available, and the finale (episode 10) will premiere on December 29, 2020.

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