10 best new Netflix shows of 2020

Tiger King - Credit: Netflix
Tiger King - Credit: Netflix /
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Tiger King - Netflix documentaries
Tiger King – Credit: Netflix /

2. Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness

Premiere date: March 20, 2020

Show description: The docuseries follows the life of Joe Exotic, a former zookeeper where the main attraction are big cats. Tiger King follows the many highs and lows of Exotic’s life, including his ongoing battles with Carole Baskin, owner of Big Cat Rescue.

Why it’s one of 2020’s best: So we know how we mentioned that these top 10 Netflix shows of 2020 are listed in no particular order, but Tiger King definitely deserves to be in the top 5.

Tiger King is as addicting as some other shows on this list (such as Love is Blind and The Circle), but it also started a lot of controversies and theories.

Without spoiling anything (though you have likely read or watched all about it already), a big mystery continues and Joe Exotic claims he won’t rest until he is a free man.

1. Unsolved Mysteries

Premiere date: July 1, 2020

Show description: The streaming titan took Unsolved Mysteries and gave it a makeover, changing the way the stories are presented, yet keeping the same feel.

Each episode in the true-crime documentary introduces a cold case or paranormal phenomena by showcasing what it knows about the case, including interviews from witnesses. At the end of each episode, the series asks the audience for help, encouraging them to reach out with any clues that may help finally solve the case.

Why it’s one of 2020’s best: Unsolved Mysteries Volume 1 is not a new series to true crime documentary fans, but it is to Netflix. The streaming titan is already a known master of the true-crime genre, so it made the right move rebooting the long-running series.

It’s intriguing and addicting, and hey, someone watching may just be able to help solve one of these cases and bring justice to many.

Which Netflix show that premiered in the year 2020 was your favorite?

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