10 best new Netflix shows of 2020

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6. Love is Blind

Premiere date: Feb. 13, 2020

Show description: The dating reality series introduces an interesting concept. Love is Blind is sort of like Married at First Sight meets blind dating.

In the series, singles “meet” from their own pods, separated by a wall. They go on several dates to get to know each other as best as they can before deciding if they want to get engaged. After becoming engaged, they see each other in person and live together for several days before the wedding.

At the altar, will they say “I do”?

Why it’s one of 2020’s best: Did I stay up super late to catch new episodes of Love is Blind? Yes, I did, no shame! From this list, Love is Blind is my personal favorite. Not necessarily because it’s smart or groundbreaking, but no reality series has hooked me quite like this one!

5. The Circle

Premiere date: Jan. 1, 2020

Show description: Audiences watch as contestants arrive at an assigned apartment where they interact with others only through a computer program that transcribes their messages as if they are all chatting via social media.

Each contestant votes on their favorite member of the circle and the one with the lowest votes get eliminated until there is only one winner. It’s essentially a popularity contest, but there’s one catch. Since everything is done online, contestants are free to lie about anything, including what they look like.

Why it’s one of 2020’s best: The Circle kicked off the year by being one of the first shows to premiere. By doing so, Netflix inserted itself into the reality TV genre, and The Circle is a real winner.