Michael Scott’s signature moment from every episode of The Office

THE OFFICE -- "Did I Stutter" Episode #4016 -- Airdate 05/01/2008 -- Pictured: Steve Carell as Michael Scott (Photo by Chris Haston/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)
THE OFFICE -- "Did I Stutter" Episode #4016 -- Airdate 05/01/2008 -- Pictured: Steve Carell as Michael Scott (Photo by Chris Haston/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images) /
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Michael Scott - The Office
THE OFFICE — “Business Ethics” Episode 2 — Pictured: Steve Carell as Michael Scott (Photo by Justin Lubin/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images) /

Michael Scott’s best moments from The Office season 5

“Weight Loss”: Michael buys Counting Crows tickets from Holly after her date bailed on her. Instead of going with her, Michael rips them up.

“Business Ethics”: Michael stands up for Holly during the ethics seminar even though he doesn’t agree with her.

“Baby Shower”: Michael and Dwight fake a birth with a watermelon to prepare Michael to father Jan’s baby, who has already been born.

“Crime Aid”: Michael lies and says he is auctioning off tickets to Bruce Springsteen to get everyone to come to the auction.

“Employee Transfer”: Darryl and Michael see the blues after Holly breaks up with Michael on the way to Nassua.

“Customer Survey”: Michael tells the office that he and Holly are engaged and then calls his mom in front of everyone to break the news, but his mom doesn’t believe him.

“Business Trip”: Michael thinks the concierge is actually a geisha.

“Frame Toby”: Michael tries to plant marijuana on Toby’s desk to get him fired, but he actually plants a Caprese salad. I also love when Michael yells “NOOOOOOOOO! GOD! NO! NO!” when he sees Toby for the first time.

“The Surplus”: Michael tries to convince the office not buy anything with the surplus so he makes a chunk of the profit.

“Moroccan Christmas”: Michael stages an intervention after Meredith drinks too much. He, then, drags her to rehab.

“The Duel”: Michael tells Andy that Angela is cheating with Dwight.

“Prince Family Paper”: Michael and Dwight steal the client list from a rival paper company, but Michael gets cold feet after realizing how nice the people are and leads Dwight on a chase around the office.

“Stress Relief”: There are so many good Michael moments from this episode. Most people will remember Michael screaming “Stay calm!” during Dwight’s fire exercise or when Michael starts dancing and singing to “Stayin’ Alive.” I love when he’s not paying attention in David’s meeting with Dwight. The best part is The Roast of Michael Scott, his reaction, and when he returns to the office to roast everyone there.

“Lecture Circuit”: Michael has a break down in Nashua when he realizes that Holly has a boyfriend.

“Blood Drive”: Michael’s meet-cute with the lady at the blood donation.

“Golden Ticket”: Michael dresses up as Willy Wonka and puts golden tickets (coupons) in deliveries.

“New Boss”: Michael resigns after David Wallace doesn’t understand how insulting it is to bring in someone to oversee Michael, who has been with the company for so long.

“Two Weeks”: Michael sneaks back to Dunder Mifflin Scranton after Charles removes him from the premises.

“Dream Team”: Michael sets up an investor meeting with his grandma to get funding for the Michael Scott Paper Company.

“Michael Scott Paper Company”: Michael makes pancakes for potential clients in the parking lot.

“Heavy Competition”: Michael steals Dwight’s biggest client after Dwight insults the client using Michael’s weird color-coded notes.

“Broke”: Michael has a panic attack on the elevator because he’s worried he’ll ruin Dunder Mifflin’s acquisition of Michael Scott Paper Company.

“Cafe Disco”: Michael uses the old Michael Scott Paper Company office space to start a dance party with espresso.

“Company Picnic”: While performing “SlumDunder Mifflinaire,” a parody of Slumdog Millionaire, at the company picnic, Michael reveals that the Buffalo branch is closing before David Wallace could tell them.