15 good Netflix shows canceled in 2020

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Netflix shows canceled - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina


We are really going to miss these 15 good Netflix shows canceled in 2020

Out of all the things we probably needed this year, a mass cancellation of our favorite shows on Netflix definitely wasn’t on the list. While we were thrilled to hear that shows like Sex Education, The Umbrella Academy, The Dragon Prince, You and Lost in Space would be renewed for further seasons, there were more than a dozen other good Netflix shows canceled in 2020 and their thrills, chills and feels will no longer offer to serve as entertaining escapes during the pandemic.

While some shows, though cut short, are wrapping up their fourth or sixth season, many were canceled in the same year they premiered. It’s true, some of these shows–in particular those with cyberpunk and sci-fi themes–weren’t cheap to create and the fanservice might not have been large enough to support another production, but being cut short in as little as four months is a tough pill to swallow for both production teams and fans with which the shows had gained traction.

But, the good news is these shows are still available–for now–to stream on Netflix and, while we will mourn their endings, we can soak up as much binge time as possible.

So, from horrors and hilarities to puppetry and politics, here’s a list of 15 good Netflix shows canceled in 2020 to start watching now before they’re gone.

Netflix shows canceled in 2020: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Our Riverdale neighbor Sabrina Spellman was one of the last characters whose story we thought would be cut short and on our list of good Netflix shows canceled in 2020. But despite three successful seasons, a fourth on the way this month and surviving a lawsuit from Satanic Temple activists in 2018, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina still couldn’t combat the effects COVID-19 had on production.

Set in the fictional town of Greendale, the first season of the dark, and often bone-chilling, coming-of-age drama kicked off with a hefty amount of horror and witchcraft. High school student Sabrina, who lives with her two Satan-worshiping witch aunts, has to make a tough choice between fully embracing herself as a witch and choosing to live life as a normal high school student with her boyfriend Harvey (Ross Lynch) and best friends Roz and Susie. On her 16th birthday, which also happens to be Halloween, Sabrina makes a bold move. She chooses to keep her half-witch-half-mortal life exactly as is, rejecting her “dark baptism” and ultimately declaring war on Satan. Sabrina spends the rest of the series fighting the evil forces that threaten her, the ones she loves and the daylight world she calls home.

In addition to the fourth season about to release, there were 10 more episodes of the series planned, with a Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 5 already in the works. Unfortunately, it looks like fans will be left in the dark on that part of the story. But for those who haven’t yet seen the show, now is the time to check out

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