15 most overrated Netflix shows of 2020

13 Reasons Why season 4 -- Cr. DAVID MOIR/NETFLIX © 2020
13 Reasons Why season 4 -- Cr. DAVID MOIR/NETFLIX © 2020 /
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The Ranch
The Ranch Season 4 – Credit: Greg Gayne / Netflix /

Overrated Netflix shows: The Ranch

Seasons: 4

Created By: Don Reo and Jim Patterson

Starring: Ashton Kutcher, Debra Winger, Sam Elliott, Elisha Cuthbert

Why It’s overrated: It’s entirely possible that, unless you’re a huge fan of The Ranch, you might have never watched it or even heard of it. The Ashton Kutcher sitcom somehow stayed under the radar for four seasons of 80 episodes. Although it may have been included in the weekly top 10 Netflix shows, The Ranch wasn’t necessarily a buzz-worth show when each half-season dropped, and it wasn’t ever an awards contender. As a simple throwback sitcom, the series did exactly what it needed to do.

But the final run of The Ranch came and went with little fanfare for a series with a loyal following. The series first premiered in 2016 and stars Kutcher as Colt Bennett, a former football star who returns home to his family’s Iron River Ranch in Colorado after 15 years away. Now that he’s back, Colt’s once again re-integrated into his dysfunctional family. His father, Beau (Sam Elliott), runs the ranch, while his mother, Maggie (Debra Winger), owns a bar nearby her estranged husband.

The Ranch gained a cult following, which helped the series maintain success for four years. Likewise, excellent performances from its cast members elevated what could be deemed a middle-of-the-road comedy. In spite of having that red-state vibe, The Ranch mostly kept things light and bipartisan, a quality that fans surely appreciated. But its fans-first acclaim seemed to be its sole driving force, since the series came and went with little buzz at the beginning of 2020. Was The Ranch a hidden gem to the end or simply just overrated?