Netflix announces new family-friendly features

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Netflix reveals new family-friendly features

Netflix wants parents to feel they have more control over what their children are viewing and wants to allow them to feel secure in what their children view. The streaming network recently revealed some new features this week that will allow family viewing to be more hands-on.

The Verge reported that The Kids Activity Report is currently in the testing phase and will be sent via email. The email will include information on what the children are watching. It will break down this information to give an overview of the favorite characters, what they have spent the most time watching, and will offer up recommendations for other shows to view based on their likes.

Note: They’re probably watching Cocomelon on Netflix.

According to the report, additional offerings with the new features will include jokes of the day, coloring pages of Netflix characters that are printable and quiz games based on these favorite characters.

The Verge also reported there will also be an option to create a family profile. Most everyone has taken advantage of the profiles, enabling them to have their favorite movies and shows at their fingertips without scrolling and searching. A lot of parents have the kids profiles set up, which are made for pre-school and pre-teen aged children. Now, the family profile will be able to be created that will give the opportunity to make a family favorites list.

Due to the pandemic, most families have had to resort to becoming very creative in keeping their families entertained. Being in such close proximity to one another for such long periods of time has resulted in viewing many hours of streaming. This new feature will also help parents find new offerings, so they aren’t watching the same episodes of the same shows over and over again.

Another great component of this feature is that it will give the parents a rundown of the content their children are viewing. So, instead of sitting through a whole series, these emails will give a synopsis of the shows that are being viewed.

This seems like these will be great additions to the Netflix features and will give parents some peace of mind to know exactly what their children are watching. Keep in mind these features are in the testing phase and hopefully be available to everyone soon.

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