5 action movies to watch on Netflix if you like Ava

THE OLD GUARD - Charlize Theron as ÓAndy"Photo credit: Aimee Spinks/NETFLIX ©2020
THE OLD GUARD - Charlize Theron as ÓAndy"Photo credit: Aimee Spinks/NETFLIX ©2020 /
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MADRID, SPAIN – DECEMBER 04: Actress Jessica Chastain attends ‘Molly’s Game’ Madrid premiere at Callao Cinema on December 4, 2017 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by Pablo Cuadra/Getty Images) /

5 action movies to watch on Netflix like Ava starring Jessica Chastain

The 2020 action spy thriller Ava starring Jessica Chastain has become an impressive addition to an already stacked library of action movies on Netflix. After the adrenaline wears off from the pulse-pounding affair featuring John Malkovich and Colin Farrell, many subscribers are probably wondering what other epic endeavors are waiting to take them on an exhilarating adventure from start to finish.

Netflix has no shortage of films from amazing achievements in animation to touching romantic ordeals that will tug at one’s heartstrings and everything conceivable in between. But when it comes to acts that are able to follow the must-watch affair that is Ava on Netflix, there are many choices.

Out of all the stellar options, we shared five action movies that stand out as the best of the best to enjoy after the Chastain lead motion picture.

1. Close (2019)

Just like Ava, the Netflix original film Close is lead by another brilliant action star who has proven several times she is a force to be reckoned with on-screen. Noomi Rapace who got her claim to fame in the original Girl With The Dragon Tattoo trilogy as Lisbeth Salander and continued to rise the ranks with spectacular runs in Prometheus and the Netflix sci-fi original film Whatever Happened to Monday.

Rapace plays Sam Carlson; a female bodyguard hired to protect an heiress from assassins. The character she is playing is based on Jacquie Davis, who is one of the world’s leading female bodyguards with clients that include Nicole Kidman, J.K. Rowling, and members of the royal family. There is no denying Close is a solid action flick that subscribers need to stop sleeping on right away.