Is The Santa Clause 4 happening?

Fans want to see Tim Allen return as Santa Claus for The Santa Clause 4

The holidays are here once again, and for many, that means revisiting the beloved family-friendly yuletide franchise The Santa Clause. The three Christmas movies starring Tim Allen all bring something unique to the table, offering a great way to get into the Christmas spirit, and many fans are understandably curious as to whether or not they will be making The Santa Clause 4 

The first Santa Clause film arrived in 1994 with a sequel taking fold in 2002 and The final entry in the belove trilogy The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause arriving in 2006. All three movies are streaming on Disney Plus.

With the constant barrage of reboots and remakes taking over Hollywood, it’s interesting that a fourth installment hasn’t been talked about for so long, but many fans of the franchise would agree it would be better late than never when it comes to getting the gift of The Santa Clause 4.

Is The Santa Clause 4 happening?

As of right now, it doesn’t seem like there are any immediate plans to make The Santa Clause 4. The performance of the last film showcased some serious franchise fatigue indicating there want much fuel left in the tank when it came to keeping the story going

The budget for the first film was around $22 million, with its success garnering The Santa Clause 2 with $65 million. The first outing brought in  $190 million, with its follow-up taking in $172.9 million. The third run of the yuletide series of movies had the smallest budget of $12 million and, in return, the smallest return at $110 million.

Some would argue The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause was a fine way to wrap up the franchise, but others would beg to differ. The final moments saw Buddy Claus’s birth, the son of Santa leaving the door open for a new set of stories showcasing the next in line to become the next jolly old Saint Nick in The Santa Clause 4 should that ever happen.

When will The Santa Clause 4 release?

If Disney decides to make The Santa Clause 4, it would be safe to presume that any release date wouldn’t arrive anytime soon. This could change at any moment, and it’s really anyone’s guess as to when The Santa Clause 4 may come out.

A theatrical run would be nice, but a spot on Disney+ seems more plausible. Whether it’s a brand new movie, Christmas special, or original series, those hoping for more from the noel-centric franchise would agree that anyway, the get The Santa Clause 4 will be fine with them.

Will Tim Allen return for The Santa Clause 4?

Assuming they decide to make The Santa Clause 4, there is telling if Tim Allen would return. He does have a longstanding relationship with Disney thanks to his time s Buzz Lightyear, and his commitment to a franchise is well-known for his time on Home Improvement and Last Man Standing.

It would be nice to see him suit up one last time in order to pass the torch reigniting the franchise and beginning the tradition all over again. Whether that set to happen is unknown, and all of this has just been speculation. one thing that is for sure is that The Santa Clause 4 would be a welcomed addition if it ever does go down.