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Netflix movies and shows: 9. Always Be My Maybe

Watch Always Be My Maybe on Netflix and fall in love with the idea of love today! Need some convincing? Read on!

Always Be My Maybe was one of the biggest movie surprises Netflix has unveiled. The cast is amazing, but we still weren’t expecting the movie to be such a fun and emotional ride. Not to mention, it’s packed with a hilarious surprise (spoiler alert: King Keanu Reeves).

The rom-com stars Randall Park and Ali Wong (who also both co-wrote the movie) as Marcus and Sasha, respectively. They were best friends in school and in a relationship for a short time. The two were like family, but they lost touch. After 16-years, they bump into each other and reconnect.

Is it a predictable movie? Much like nearly all rom-coms, yes. But this isn’t a bad thing, especially because Always Be My Maybe isn’t exclusively about romance. There are plenty of jokes and humor that caters to millennials and several surprising moments.

The movie also features strong character development between both leads, and is very honest about love. Always Be My Maybe doesn’t sugar coat relationships or tries to portray it like a walk in the park.

Healthy relationships take work, and they are impossible if you don’t find yourself, first, or are not in a good place. If this sounds like something you need to learn more about, watch this movie!