15 good Netflix movies and shows to watch for good vibes in 2021

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Netflix movies and shows: 14. Set It Up

If the confidence that Someone Great should have given you is taking its time to arrive, wipe those tears away with Set It Up, starring Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell.

This is a romantic comedy on Netflix, but not just any rom-com. I credit Set It Up as the movie that made the world aware of the streaming titan’s romcom power! With this fun movie, Netflix proved that it can very well do more than just crime documentaries and dramas that target teens.

Set It Up is one of my favorite movies because, despite the predictable ending, it’s a fun journey to follow from start to finish.

The premise is simple, think of it as Parent Trap meets Taming of the Shrew. The story centers on Harper (Deutch) and Charlie (Powell), two great friends who have terrible bosses. Harper has no social life or is able to catch a breather as she is too busy working as an assistant for Kirsten (Lucy Lieu), who is a tough-as-nails boss.

Meanwhile, Charlie shares Harper’s pain as he deals with Rick (Taye Diggs), his boss who ignores Charlie’s talents and doesn’t show any signs of ever wanting to promote him.

It doesn’t take long for Harper and Charlie to realize that a huge reason Kirsten and Rick are so short-tempered and always staying busy, is because they are single. They come up with the idea to hook up their bosses.

If the two fall in love (or at least begin to date), this means more free time for Charlie and Harper. Not to mention, Kirsten and Rick will be in a better mood and realize it’s time to give Harper and Charlie the promotion they deserve.

Did you guess the twist yet? Even if you haven’t, you soon will after you begin watching. But trust me, it’ll leave you feeling happy and hopeful. Could 2021 be the year you find love? Insert these positive vibes and it just might be!