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Netflix movies and shows:15. Someone Great

Okay, hear me out! If you have already watched Someone Great on Netflix, you are probably thinking I have lost my mind, so let me explain.

What you may remember most from watching this movie, starring Gina Rodriguez and Brittany Snow, are tears and heartbreak, and I get it. I also felt my heart shatter watching the movie and there were many tissues needed for the tears.

Without giving too much away, Someone Great follows Jenny (Rodriguez) after she accepts her dream job. The only problem is that she has to move far away from her longtime boyfriend, who believes breaking up is better than trying to make things work long-distance.

This isn’t just any boyfriend, Jenny and Nate have been together for nearly a decade! Moving on is no easy task. On the contrary, it’s a life-changing decision. One that we follow Jenny along and cry and smile with her every step of the way.

Sad feelings aside, answer me this: Didn’t you feel just a tab empowered after watching? Jenny followed her dreams and wasn’t going to allow anyone to stop her. She’s so strong and independent, and the bond she shares with her friends are serious goals.

After wiping my tears, I felt a boost of motivation and a newfound confidence that it’s okay to go for what you want in life.