15 good Netflix movies and shows to watch for good vibes in 2021

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Netflix movies and shows: 6. Schitt’s Creek

Many have praised Schitt’s Creek up and down. In fact, I have yet to meet a single person who doesn’t love this comedy. Don’t get me wrong, I have met plenty who have yet to watch it, but that’s different.

These people are missing out on great comedy. I would even say Schitt’s Creek has reinvented comedy! Are you new to the show, too? Miss out no more! The holiday season is the perfect time to watch. Not necessarily because the setting is Christmas, not at all, but for all the positive vibes and laughs that will shoot out from the screen!

For starters, the cast is amazing. Schitt’s Creek stars Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara as Johnny and Moira, respectively (a formerly wealthy couple), and their two spoiled children Dan Levy and Annie Murphy as David and Alexis.

Fun fact: Father and son duo Eugene and Dan Levy co-created the comedy, and they star as father and son, can you say perfection?

Just like Kim’s Convenience,  this is a Canadian masterpiece! You need to watch at least the first episode to make up your mind about it. Trust me, after the first few scenes, you will be hooked! It’s a great show to pass the time week, which is perfect during these tough times.

If you do watch Schitt’s Creek, be warned that you will be wanting more episodes than what is available on Netflix. I’m sorry to report that season 6 is the final one!