Is Emmy Rossum coming back for the Shameless season 11 finale?

William H. Macy as Frank Gallagher in SHAMELESS, "Gallavich!". Photo Credit: Tony Rivetti Jr./SHOWTIME.
William H. Macy as Frank Gallagher in SHAMELESS, "Gallavich!". Photo Credit: Tony Rivetti Jr./SHOWTIME. /

Will Emmy Rossum reprise her role as Fiona Gallagher on Shameless?

Shameless has been a fan favorite of fans on Netflix and Showtime. One of the easiest shows to binge-watch, Shameless will finally close the final chapter this year.

Emmy Rossum left the show last season as her character walked off into the sunset as she got herself out of Chicago’s Southside. But will she return for the series finale?

To catch you up o recent events, Kev and V just got engaged, Lip relapsed after not moving with Tami, Ian and Mickey are married, and then Carl is trying to become a cop. had an interview with showrunner John Wells and asked the obvious question all fans have wanted to know: will Fiona return sometime this season?

Wells made it clear he was unsure whether the schedule would permit her since she was working on Angelyne, a show on Peacock that shut down due to COVID-19. He also stated he’s been in recent contact with her citing:

"She and I have talked, and I think she would like to come back for a brief something. Whether or not that will be possible given what our shooting schedule is and what her shooting schedule is and where she’s going to be in the country, I have no idea. Again, not trying to be clever about it or anything. It will be based on circumstances when we’re ready to shoot, whether or not she’d be able to. But would love her to, I think she would like to, not sure it will be possible."

Fiona put her life on hold for multiple seasons until the other kids were in high school. In season 9, she finally took her life into her own hands and told the kids she was moving out. Where will she be, and how will the show incorporate her into the chaos that is Shameless?

Another obvious question is about Frank, and will he eventually have to atone for his sins? From the sound of it, he will:

"Eventually you have the pay the piper for a lifetime of the kind of behavior and abuse that Frank’s been doing. So that is where it’s heading. What cost does Frank ultimately have to pay for all of these years of abuse?"

From the sounds of it, the new season will be just as ridiculous as the other previous 10. Hopefully, fans will see just a little bit of Fiona, like how Steve Carrell showed up in the last episode of ABC’s The Office as Michael Scott.

Shameless season 11 airs at 9 pm ET/PT on Showtime Sunday.

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