Ben and Jerry’s releases new Netflix ice cream flavor

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Ben and Jerry’s teams up with Netflix for new ice cream flavor

Do you remember Netflix and Chill’d, the Ben and Jerry’s peanut butter ice cream that was released in January whose name encouraged you to eat while binge-watching on Netflix?  Well, now there is a new Netflix-themed Ben and Jerry’s flavor, Punch Line. Our team at Netflix Life is super excited to try some!

It’s described as a brown butter bourbon and almond ice cream that sounds delicious, according to Delish.

Not only that, there is a whole marketing campaign by the two popular brands promoting the new Punch Line flavor that includes a joke hotline featuring Wanda Sykes, Fortune Feimster, and Aparna Nancherla.

If you call 1-866-PUNCHLINE, you will be greeted by Sykes, and then Feimster and Nancherla chime in. When you call the number, there are many choices, even a chance to win some free ice cream! You can also choose what types of jokes you will hear next.

I honestly spent WAY too much time checking out all the features. Be sure to check out the on-hold music, option no. 6.

Below is a PSA regarding the new ice cream and the hotline.

This flavor will be a limited run flavor, so you’d better rush out and get some soon. The butter bourbon and almond ice cream contain chunks of almonds and cherries, which sounds like a nutty, crunchy, chewy delight. The Ben and Jerry’s website recommends enjoying this flavor while binging any of the Netflix stand up specials, comedy sitcoms or movies.

This year has given us a lot of unforgettable things, and not in a good way. Netflix and Ben and Jerry’s are teaming up to give us a fun way to do something enjoyable and bring some joy during this time of year.

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