Outer Banks season 2 is going to be wild, according to the cast

Outer Banks Season 1. Courtesy of Netflix
Outer Banks Season 1. Courtesy of Netflix /

The cast teases Outer Banks season 2

Outer Banks season 2 is fully in the works at Netflix.

We haven’t heard much about what’s going to happen in the new season, but the cast provided a few updates for fans and promised Outer Banks season 2 is going to be a wild one.

Madison Bailey, who stars as Kie, in the Netflix original series tweeted that she is excited to share season 2 with the fans. Jonathan Daviss, who stars as Pope, quote tweeted Bailey’s tweet with a “y’all ain’t ready” for season 2.

We shared the tweets from Bailey and Daviss below!


Then, Chase Stokes, who stars as John B in Outer Banks, followed it up all with a tweet that said season 2 would be “absolutely wild.”

I think that checks out. I would also describe season 1 as “absolutely wild,” so if season 2 delivers an equal level of drama, anxiety, action, and John B running, I think we’re in for a great season.

At the end of season 1, John B and Sarah were on their way to the Bahamas to steal back the treasure that Ward had stolen from John B, Sarah, Kie, JJ, and Pope. The latter three believe that John B and Sarah were killed when they took the boat into the storm.

It will be interesting to see when John B and Sarah return to the Outer Banks and how long the writers will keep the couple from reuniting with their friends.

Outer Banks season 2 is coming to Netflix, likely, in 2021. The first season premiered on Netflix in April 2020, and the series was renewed for season 2 in the summer of 2020. Production on season 2 started shortly after that.

Hopefully, that means we get to see Outer Banks season 2 in the summer or fall of 2021. Usually, it takes about a year from the start of production for a new season of a Netflix show to be released on the streaming service. So, if that happens, we’re looking at a late summer or early fall release date for Outer Banks season 2.

Stay tuned for more news about Outer Banks season 2.

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