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Stranger Things - Season 3 (2019). Photo Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Season 3 (2019). Photo Credit: Netflix /
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Stranger Things season 4
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Netflix shows: Stranger Things season 4

Fans have been waiting for Stranger Things season 4 for over a year now, but it looks like we all might have to wait quite a bit longer than that before it hits Netflix. The show’s production was on pause for quite a long time due to the pandemic and only started up again in October 2020.

While filming might wrap late this year or early next year, the show’s special effects will definitely ensure season 4 doesn’t come out until later into 2021. This year definitely could have used some Stranger Things in it, but with this show, it’s better to have it good than given to us something early that turns out to be awful.

With the way things ended in season 3, this new season of Stranger Things is going to be wild. We already know Jim Hopper isn’t dead, but how did that happen? Where is he? How did he get there? And how is he going to get back to Hawkins? I’m honestly interested in that storyline more than any other.

We’ll also be introduced to the Hellfire Club as the show revealed what it is on their Twitter account. It’s the Hawkins High School’s official Dungeons and Dragons club. The kids are out of middle school and into high school so they have to bring their love for the RPG game with them.

The club is run by Eddie Munson who will be played by actor Joseph Quinn. Since this is also the name of the first episode, it looks like we’ll be introduced to this new group right out of the gate.

I swear if they don’t give us Hopper’s location in the first episode, I might cry. The suspense is already killing me.