10 best Netflix trailers of 2020

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No. 4: The Eddy

Guys, did you know The Eddy came out this year? A TV show called The Eddy from Damien Chazelle, the Oscar-winning director who made La La Land and Whiplash? André Holland is in it?

It’s about a sexy Parisian jazz club? Joanna Kulig from Cold War is also in it? So is Amandla Sternberg from The Hate U Give and Alexis Manenti from Les Misérables? It looks really good?

No one saw this? I didn’t see this? I really want to after seeing this trailer? In fact, I’m going to put this on right after I post this slideshow on Netflix Life dot com? Watch this trailer immediately???

No. 3: Mank

One of the most gorgeous films of the year deserves one of the most gorgeous trailers ever. The Mank trailer perfectly reflects David Fincher’s ornate, lush, sour depiction of 1930s Hollywood, as well as following in the footsteps of his past trailers (particularly The Social Network and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) that rely on choppy, quick montage to offer glimpses into the film’s intriguing conversations and organic, dreamy sequences.

The format of the Mank trailer finds Netflix at its most stylized, enjoyable, and unique—it commits to the “Hollywood glory days” aesthetic through its showy title cards, black-and-white color scheme, masking edits, and placement of its leads at the forefront.

By highlighting a stellar Gary Oldman performance at its center, along with featuring a supporting ensemble that teases the lookalike nature of their historical counterparts, the Mank trailer is a stunning first look at one of the year’s most anticipated films.

You’d be strapped to find someone who wouldn’t want to see Mank after watching its trailer.