10 best Netflix trailers of 2020

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No. 8: Enola Holmes

“Now where to begin” indeed. It’s punchy, punky, and delightfully anachronistic, featuring a killer performance by Millie Bobby Brown as the titular teenaged detective Enola from the well-documented Holmes family, a winking cross between Cam Jansen and Little Orphan Annie. The Enola Holmes trailer effectively traces Fleabag‘s fourth-wall-breaking charm back to director Harry Bradbeer (as distinctly opposed to Vicky Jones), whose skill at making a tease for this movie is undeniable.

The trailer also profits off of the allure of a cleverly positioned list of British actors to carry a story that, while not always satisfying, is never boring. Employing moments of impolite feminism and innocent silliness to its benefit, the Enola Holmes trailer appeals to the unabashed childish and teenaged sensibilities in us all. Pair that with a delicious score, and you’ve more than got my attention.

No. 7: Tiger King

From the looks of it, the Tiger King trailer doesn’t really stand out among the long list of trailers for other documentary series Netflix released this year. Its conventions reflect a lot of those repetitive clichés I mentioned at the top of this post: reverse cymbal crash, talking head confessional, etc.

But at the same time, it would be a disgrace not to include this on the list of best Netflix trailers of 2020, if only because it might be the television show of 2020.

Tiger King claimed its peak viewership toward the beginning of the craziness that transpired this year (at least on this side of the Atlantic), and it nearly matched the eye-widening qualities of said craziness measure for measure.

Reflexively, the trailer impresses at holding a lot of its cards close to its chest—it must’ve hurt not to include any footage from the infamous tiger petting bus. But its single-sentence allusions to the show’s wild and weird stories (buoyed by, of all songs, “In the Hall of the Mountain King”) were right on the money.

Tiger King, more than any other show this year, delivered on its promises.