10 best Netflix trailers of 2020

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No. 10: The Devil All the Time

Every year needs its southern gothic ensemble drama, and in 2020, Netflix bequeathed The Devil All the Time upon us.

This trailer follows a grimy descent into the depths of hell via its mortal projections against the backdrop of Knockemstiff, Ohio. From the opening moments of Tom Holland’s Arvin during his birthday, to glimpses into Robert Pattinson’s scenery-chewing performance as Preacher Teagardin, the edges of the scenes grow more and more tinged with dread.

Director Antonio Campos enlisted the likes of Riley Keough, Tom Holland, Sebastian Stan, and Eliza Scanlen to take charge of this sprawling, demented portrait of the ways in which the devil was refracted into post-World-War-II America.

More of an opportunity for a deep bench of talent to let loose and swing for the fences, rather than presenting a cogent, layered adaptation of a powerful novel, the fan interaction with this trailer was most fun to watch pan out.

No. 9: Ratched

Just call Ryan Murphy the Medici of Netflix. Hollywood, The Boys in the Band, The Prom, the second season of The Politician, and this all came out THIS YEAR ALONE. The man never stopped churning out content in 2020, and our inclusion of the Ratched trailer is the tip of our hat to his lush, vibrant, high-contrast palette of colors, actors, and conceits.

Restated by the fact that, according to Netflix, “48 million members have booked an appointment with Nurse Ratched,” the show had an astounding number of viewers.

On its surface, it really has no business racking up that many—based on a book from the ’60s and movie from the ’70s around a key villain and notorious abuser of psychiatric hospital patients? I was almost willing to believe that most people clicked on it in their queue because it sounded close to the word “ratchet,” but after seeing the trailer, I get the appeal.

The bright color scheme and “Big Spender” needle drop work so well to reinforce both the signature camp atmosphere Murphy is known for and Sarah Paulson’s killer performance. It gets docked on our ranking due to its subsequent critical reaction (which was…not good), but the trailer for Ratched is nothing if not enticing, freaky and memorable.