10 best Netflix trailers of 2020

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Honorable Netflix trailers in no particular order

Crip Camp: The winner of this year’s Sundance Film Festival Audience Award, and executive produced by Barack and Michelle Obama, the Crip Camp trailer does a good job of illuminating necessary, undervalued stories of Americans with its culturally prescient storyline.

Cuties: No discussion of Netflix’s marketing machinations is complete without examining the Cuties dilemma. The harsh, unintentionally ironic reactions to Netflix’s handling of this gutsy and guttural Sundance winner laid bare key aspects of the Netflix demographic circa 2020, for better and for worse.

The Old Guard: Netflix’s most engaging action film this year finds a worthy marketing campaign that smartly values the prestige of Charlize Theron, the clever associations with 2020 culture, and the timeless power of the “let’s-assemble-a-badass-crew” premise.

Immigration Nation: This year’s “hard cold truth” documentary series sheds light on the enigma that is ICE, and its trailer posits it, rightfully so, as no less than a must-see.

Dick Johnson is Dead: While death waged (and wages) a multi-fronted war on our lives this year, the Dick Johnson is Dead trailer offers an optimistic, sincerely funky perspective on reckoning with mortality and why it’s important that the process of doing so be filmed.