Does Dexter leaving Netflix mean the revival won’t come on the streaming service?

As Netflix just revealed its full lineup of shows and movies coming onto the platform in December, they also shared the titles unfortunately leaving. For those who use the streaming service to binge old seasons of classic shows, you might need to brace yourselves–The Office, Gossip Girl, and Dexter are all departing next month.

I don’t know about you, but all three of these popular shows are an easy go-to when I can’t find anything to watch, or am having serious “Sunday Scaries” and need something reliable to throw on. In addition to these titles, Showtime’s series Nurse Jackie is also leaving next month.

Talk about a major cleanup of some of the platform’s most popular non-original shows!

You can expect Nurse Jackie to depart on December 30, and Gossip Girl and The Office are leaving on December 31.

When is Dexter leaving Netflix?

Mark your calendars–Dexter is officially leaving Netflix on December 30.

Will the new Dexter season be on Netflix?

Apart from being heartbroken we will no longer get to watch our favorite Miami Metro Homicide employee on Netflix starting next month, we’re also left wondering what the fate will be for the series’ planned revival.

As we previously reported, the popular Showtime show is coming back with a limited series which will serve as a revival season, consisting of 10 episodes. Michael C. Hall has been confirmed to be reprising his iconic role as Dexter Morgan. It’s expected the new episodes will debut at some point in 2021.

Now that Dexter is leaving Netflix, will the new season be released on the platform? Honestly, it doesn’t look too good. We initially speculated it could be released about a year after it airs on Showtime, however now we’re unsure. It certainly wouldn’t make sense to release the new episodes on Netflix if the rest of the series is no longer available.

The reason why the Golden Globe winning show is leaving Netflix has not been disclosed, but if I had to take a guess, it might have something to do with the upcoming season. Perhaps Showtime wants to be the exclusive home to Dexter ahead of the revival. Currently, Netflix is the only other platform that offers the full series.

The pilot episode is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video, with the rest of the show only offered for purchase. You can also watch all seasons on Amazon Prime Video and Hulu with the Showtime add-on.

It hasn’t been confirmed either way whether or not Dexter season 9 will be released on Netflix, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up. If it does, it might not be for years later.