Is The Princess Switch on Netflix?

The Princess Switch - Credit: Netflix
The Princess Switch - Credit: Netflix /

You can watch The Princess Switch on Netflix for Christmas 2020

It’s the time of year where we get ready for Christmas movies. The Princess Switch is a cute rom-com, but can you watch it on Netflix?

There is some excellent news. The Princess Switch is on Netflix. It’s going to remain on Netflix as it’s an original movie. The only way this movie is going anywhere is if Netflix shuts down, and that’s unlikely.

Want more good news? The sequel is also available to stream.

The Princess Switch: Switched Again dropped on Netflix on Nov. 19, 2020. You can stream both movies back to back. There is a third movie already confirmed and is slated for release in November 2021.

What is The Princess Switch about?

Not sure if this is a movie for you? If you love Vanessa Hudgens, then it definitely is. She’s not only the lead in one role but two. In the second movie, she takes on three roles. Will she take on four in the third movie? She says no, but you never know!

In the first movie, Hudgens is Margaret and Stacey, a duchess and a baker respectively. The two are struggling with their lives, and when they realize they look alike, they decide to do a Parent Trap-type switch.

Of course, they have to deal with each other’s problems, while also falling for the men in each other’s lives. It is your standard Christmas rom-com, and perfect for teens and those who love old-fashioned Hallmark Christmas movies.

The second movie sees a third character appear. This one is Fiona, a loud party girl who wants to be a part of the switch. You just know that disaster is about to happen.

You can watch both The Princess Switch and The Princess Switch: Switched Again on Netflix.

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