The best Thanksgiving episodes on Netflix

Master of None- Photo Credit: Netflix
Master of None- Photo Credit: Netflix /

These days, a good Thanksgiving episode can be hard to find. Frankly, finding any TV shows or movies with a Thanksgiving theme can be a little tough–compared to the ever-growing Christmas choices, that is.

Luckily, Netflix has you covered with some really, really good ones you’ll be thankful you added to your holiday binge list. I promise.

What are the best Thanksgiving episodes on Netflix?

1. “Thanksgiving,” Master of None (Season 2, Episode 9)

Vice sums this one’s power and importance up by reviewing it with:

"Lena Waithe and Angela Bassett’s performances as a daughter coming out to her mother made hands-down one of the most emotional moments in all of Master of None. Waithe wrote the episode herself based on her own experiences growing up black and coming out as lesbian."

In this award-winning series, we watch an annual family dinner that has happened for years, through the years. And it’s definitely like a cornucopia of really great Thanksgiving episodes bundled into just one.

The scene where Lena Waithe’s character finally comes out to her childhood best friend (played by star of the show, Aziz Ansari), is an extremely touching moment you don’t want to miss. This episode is definitely one of my all-time favorites, hands down.

2. “Parents,” New Girl (Season 2, Episode 8)

Another fan-favorite with a lighthearted take.

Season after season, New Girl dropped one hilarious Thanksgiving-themed episode after another. There’s no denying that much. But arguably, none of those festive feasts on the hit series were quite as memorable as season 2, episode 8, titled “Parents.”

With that said, they’re all pretty funny. Rotten Tomatoes sums up the episode’s plot as:

"Jess invites her divorced mother and father over for Thanksgiving dinner, hoping that she will be able to reunite them. She enlists Nick and Cece to help her carry out a Parent Trap-style plot to bring them together. When Schmidt’s domineering cousin, Big Schmidt, pays a holiday visit, Winston encourages the two relatives to take part in a competition to prove their masculinity, but the contest soon escalates out of control."

And Jamie Lee Curtis guest stars! What more could you want?

3. “Hungry Man,” Dexter (Season 4, episode 9)

Let’s just say, this particular Thanksgiving episode is easily voted “most likely to make you grateful you aren’t in attendance.” But it’s also a pretty good one worth watching.

John Lithgow stars as Dexter’s creepiest rival to date, and if you haven’t seen Dexter yet, I highly recommend the critically-acclaimed series from start to finish. And there’s no time like the present for this episode.

4. All episodes of The Great British Baking Show: Holidays

In need of a family-friendly option and perhaps a tasty binge session? It’s hard to go wrong with The Great British Baking Show, the holiday season included. If these spectacular holiday-themed meals, treats, and desserts dreamed up by masters of baking don’t send you and the family back for seconds, I truly don’t know what will!

5. “A Fuller Thanksgiving,” Fuller House (Season 2, episode 6)

Feeling reminiscent? The holidays are definitely a great time to reflect. And nothing says “something to be thankful for” like a little ’90s nostalgia involving the original, iconic cast of Full House, all sitting down for a Thanksgiving feast, but on Fuller House.

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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!