What is If Anything Happens I Love You on Netflix about?

Netflix (Photo Illustration by Chesnot/Getty Images)
Netflix (Photo Illustration by Chesnot/Getty Images) /

If you have 12 minutes, you should definitely check out If Anything Happens I Love You on Netflix. The big buzz surrounding this short film is slowly but surely growing by the day. According to Indie Wire, it’s one of three Netflix animated shorts up for Oscar consideration in 2021, and for very good reason.

As reported by Decider, this dialogue-free adult animation tells its powerful story entirely through moving, must-see visuals. If Anything Happens I Love You was written and directed by Will McCormack and Michael Govier, with animation from Youngran Nho and his talented team.

And if you haven’t added it to your movie list yet, there’s no time like the present.

What is If Anything Happens I Love You?

Netflix describes the premise as:

"Grieving parents journey through an emotional void as they mourn the loss of a child in the aftermath of a tragic school shooting."

The animated footage is done mostly in black and white, minus the things that belong to the child. While you’re watching this heartbreaking film, you may wonder if it’s based on a true story, as it certainly feels all too real.

Is If Anything Happens I Love You a true story?

According The Cinemaholic, the film is based on true events, however not just from one family in particular. They report:

"For helming the film, Will McCormack and Michael Govier met many parents who lost their children to gun violence in school, hoping to honor their courage and acknowledge their pain. They also worked closely with Everytown for Gun Safety, a non-profit organization that advocates for gun control and against gun violence."

The title was inspired by real texts received by students from loved ones at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School during the tragic Florida school shooting back in 2018.

Decider reports that Govier explained the film’s purpose by saying, “You’re watching a grieving process” adding, “I do think there’s hope within it because you’re seeing the human spirit and how much the human spirit can endure and go forward. That is a huge testament to all of us and also to survivors – and also the ones who were lost.”

If Anything Happens I Love You is now streaming on Netflix.

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