Are Thanksgiving movies on Netflix?

HOLIDATE (2020)Emma Roberts as Sloane Reed and Luke Bracey as Jackson. Cr. Steve Dietl/NETFLIX
HOLIDATE (2020)Emma Roberts as Sloane Reed and Luke Bracey as Jackson. Cr. Steve Dietl/NETFLIX /

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which in 2020 means something completely different than most of us are used to. While people are refraining from throwing family parties and many are avoiding traveling because of COVID-19, we all might need stuff to watch more than usual this holiday season.

At this point, any casual Netflix user would know that the streaming service has Christmas movies down pat. Between classics such as How the Grinch Stole Christmas, to newer favorites like The Christmas Chronicles and its sequels, Netflix is the place if you want to binge movies in December.

Not ready to jump the gun quite yet on Christmas movies? Well, how about the Thanksgiving selection on Netflix? Are there any available?

Thanksgiving movies on Netflix

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear there are any explicitly Thanksgiving-themed movies currently on Netflix. Holidate, the newly-released movie starring Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey, is among one of the closest things to a Thanksgiving movie, as it covers just about every single holiday in the year. She’s Gotta Have it, the 1968 film by Spike Lee, does include a memorable Thanksgiving scene, and is available on Netflix.

A few Thanksgiving favorites, such as Planes, Trains, and AutomobilesA Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, and Addams Family Values, can be found on other streaming services.

If you’re interested in watching a few Thanksgiving-themed episodes of TV shows, then Netflix has certainly got you. Some of the most popular you can find on the streaming service include “Blair Waldorf Must Pie” from Gossip Girl, “Turkey In A Can” from Bob’s Burgers, “Thanks for the Memories” from Grey’s Anatomy, and “A Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving” from Gilmore Girls.

While Netflix is kind of slacking when it comes to Thanksgiving movies, there honestly isn’t  a huge library out there in general. We hope you can find something that’ll put you in the holiday spirit this year!

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