Is Supernatural coming back for season 16?

Will Supernatural return for a 16th season on The CW?

The Supernatural season 15 finale aired on Nov. 19. Did it feel like more of an ending to the show? Will Supernatural season 16 happen?

If it did feel more like a series finale than anything else, that’s because it was. There was even an hour-long goodbye special in the hour before it, marking the occasion in the way that fans have said goodbye to The Vampire DiariesArrow, and other shows that have come to an end on The CW in recent years.

There is not going to be a 16th season of the series. Before the 15th season started filming, the leading men took to social media to share that they had made the difficult decision to bring the series to a close. It was their decision and not The CW’s choice to cancel the series.

At least, not in the format that we know. You never know what will happen in a few years’ time.

Will there be a Supernatural spin-off?

The Vampire Diaries got The Originals and now LegaciesArrow got The FlashLegends of Tomorrow, and many other spin-offs. What about Supernatural?

If there’s not going to be a 16th spin-off, will there at least be a spin-off series?

Not right now. There are absolutely no signs that a spin-off is going to happen.

That’s not through lack of attempts. During season 9 there was an attempt with the backdoor pilot “Bloodlines.” Then in season 13, there was the attempt with “Wayward Sisters,” which I may or may not still be salty about not getting picked up to series.

With no successful spin-off before the ending, it’s unlikely that we’ll get a spin-off now. I won’t say there never will be one, but it’s unlikely. Don’t rule out a reboot at some point, though. It didn’t take long for Charmed to get one!

Supernatural‘s final episodes will be on Netflix on Nov. 27.