11 good Netflix shows that will be ending soon

OZARK - Jason Bateman and Julia Garner - Credit: STEVE DIETL/NETFLIX
OZARK - Jason Bateman and Julia Garner - Credit: STEVE DIETL/NETFLIX /
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OZARK – Jason Bateman and Laura Linney – Credit: STEVE DIETL/NETFLIX /

Netflix shows: Ozark

Ozark is coming to an end on Netflix. The third season premiered on Netflix in March 2020, and Netflix announced the season was renewed for season 4. Ozark season 4 will be the final season of the series, and it will be split into two parts.

Netflix has been doing that a lot more for final seasons, and I think it works well to, kind of, draw out the end and allow fans to get involved and excited about the finale.

It’s unclear if Ozark season 4 has started filming yet. Production was supposed to begin on Nov. 9, 2020, but we haven’t seen if they’ve actually started filming or not.

If production gets going soon on Ozark season 4, there’s a really good chance that we’ll see Ozark season 4 premiere on Netflix in 2021.

As mentioned, season 4 is split into two parts. It’s going to be a tight window for the first half of Ozark season 4 to be released in 2021, so that means that seven episodes of part 2 will likely be added to Netflix in 2022.

The timeline is a little tricky here, so we’ll just have to wait and see when the final episodes of Ozark season 4 land. It could be earlier than 2022, but with everything going on, our best guess is a 2022 release date for the final episodes of Ozark season 4.