How many seasons of The Crown are there?

Queen Elizabeth II (OLIVIA COLEMAN) Credit - Liam Daniel/Netflix
Queen Elizabeth II (OLIVIA COLEMAN) Credit - Liam Daniel/Netflix /

How much more story is there to tell on The Crown?

The Crown quickly became one of Netflix’s biggest shows. Just how many seasons of the series are there, and how many will there be?

Right now, there are four seasons of the Royal Family drama. The Crown season 4 recently dropped on the streaming service, bringing Lady Diana Spencer into the story. She would marry Prince Charles and have a love-hate relationship with the role of being Princess of Wales.

Sadly, their marriage isn’t one that will last. That’s the same for many of Charles’s siblings, following the footsteps of their aunt, Princess Margaret. Marrying for duty instead of happiness leads to a lot of problems.

How many seasons of The Crown will there be?

The story isn’t ending with the fourth season. There are going to be six seasons of The Crown. This has been the plan from the beginning, although there was a slight deviation of the plan earlier this year. Series creator Peter Morgan wasn’t sure there would be enough content for 20 episodes.

This is the British Royal Family. Of course there is enough content!

The next part of the story is going to be devastating, both in terms of love and death. Over the next couple of seasons we’ll see the deaths of Princess Diana, Princess Margaret, and the Queen Mother. We’ll see the relationship breakdowns of Charles and Diana, Anne and Mark, and Andrew and Sarah.

This is also the time that the Royal Family gained a lot of hate from the British public. People were fed up of a family so uncaring, especially after the death of Diana. We’ll likely get to another dark period in history, but how will it all be portrayed?

What do you hope to see in the final two seasons of The Crown? Let us know in the comments below.

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