Is The Crown canceled?

Photo: Olivia Colman in The Crown Season 3.. Courtesy of Des Willie / Netflix
Photo: Olivia Colman in The Crown Season 3.. Courtesy of Des Willie / Netflix /

Will Netflix renew The Crown for another season?

When a new season of our favorite shows are out on Netflix, it’s common to worry about their futures. Especially right now! You may be asking whether The Crown is canceled or not.

When a show gets to three or four seasons on Netflix, they’re usually canceled. We just have to look at the likes of DaredevilSanta Clarita Diet, and Jessica Jones for proof of that. Fearing that The Crown is canceled is definitely understandable.

We have a lot of good news, though. This is a show that’s not going anywhere just yet.

The Crown season 5 is already confirmed

Netflix has already renewed the Royal Family series for another two seasons. Yes, two seasons. Not only is The Crown season 5 happening, but season 6 is also going to happen.

There was some back and fourth with this series, but it wasn’t Netflix that did this. Show creator Peter Morgan didn’t think there would be enough content for two seasons of 10 episodes. Instead of trying to stretch the storylines, he wanted to reduce the story to one final season.

Then when it came to writing out the storylines, he realized he’d made a mistake. There was definitely enough content for 20 episodes. Netflix agreed to pick up the sixth season again.

We’ll see another change of cast. Imelda Staunton, Jonathan Pryce, Lesley Manville, and Elizabeth Debicki are among the names attached to the final two seasons of the show.

There will be a delay for the final two seasons

Now comes the bad news. We won’t see the fifth season in December 2021, and this is nothing to do with the pandemic.

Like the wait between the second and third season, there is a planned wait between the fourth and fifth seasons. Filming for The Crown season 5 will start next summer, with an expected release in December 2022. The sixth season should film straight off the back of the fifth, arriving in December 2023.

The Crown is available to stream on Netflix.

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