5 Stranger Things spinoffs we need to see on Netflix

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
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5 Stranger Things spinoffs we need to see

Happy Stranger Things Day! We’ve been celebrating all week long at Netflix Life. If you missed out, check out all the other Stranger Things coverage you missed.

Stranger Things is arguably Netflix’s greatest series, and fans everywhere are extremely eager for the fourth season to arrive finally. There is a slot set to go down in the next chapter, from time travel rumors to Hopper’s return, leaving the anticipation of the next outing at an all-time high.

While there is a considerable amount of excitement in the air for another season, it would be interesting to see the streaming network to explore the idea of potential spinoffs in the future. The cats of characters making up the franchise has grown over the years, and given what this universe has to offer, there is no shortage of ideas of how Netflix could aggressively expand the Stranger Things saga.

Whether it’s live-action or animation, serial or episodic, there are absolutely a lot of options to consider, and there is definitely enough demand for any and all options to be potential hits. If there is one thing that people can be certain about when it comes to Netflix subscribers is that they have a sickness and the only cure is more Stranger Things.

Out of all the possibilities that could occur from this world all the way to the Upside Down, we shared five Stranger Things spinoff concepts that Netflix should without a doubt think about making part of their already impressive lineup of originals, and there is most assuredly something for everyone to enjoy.

1. Paranormal P.I.

Pitch: Magnum P.I. meets The X-Files

Chief Hopper is one of the few law enforcement members with more experience than the next cop when it comes to dealing with creatures from another dimension, and the individuals constantly opening gateways to the Upside Down. And to that extent, it’s also safe to mention that of all the Stranger Things characters, Joyce Byers stands out as someone who has a plethora of inter-dimensional investigation experience working in tandem with the Hawkins Police Chief on more than one occasion, making them what many subscribers would easily consider a solid team for taking on any kind fo cases dealing with those matters.

It’s been thoroughly established that there is a need for some type of investigative unit that specializes in upside down related issues or really anything supernatural in the world of Stranger Things. Whether it be something from another dimension or not, and the two people perfect to start their own private detective firm for the paranormal and peculiar are Joyce and Hopper. This Magnum P.I. meets The X-Files could seriously put the Ghostbusters out of business, especially if they enlisted a certain talented investigative journalist named Maury Baum and for backup bring on Officer’s Callahan and Powell from Hawkins P.D. With those players on the roster, Paranormal P.I. would quickly prove to be a stellar Netflix original subscribers will lineup out in the cold for a week for tickets to that show.