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Delaware: Gremlins connections

The link between Delaware and Stranger Things requires a bit of a story, so stick with me. One of the actors, Judge Reinhold, is from Delaware and while he hasn’t appeared on the show (yet), he was in Gremlins which is a huge inspiration for the show and many of the storylines we’ve seen.

This is especially true in season 2 with the Dart storyline. While the baby demogorgons don’t multiply by being given or by touching water, they certainly get bigger at a rapidly increased pace.

One day, Dustin has a mini slug-looking thing and next, he’s got a monster that’s eating his mom’s cat. Just like Billy’s mogwai from Gremlins, it goes from sweet to mean pretty quickly. Both the boys also form a bond with respective creatures and are sad to see them go.

But The Gremlins references don’t stop there. Season 3 also shows Dustin coming home from camp with a bunch of inventions, including one called The Slammer, which is pretty much an electric hammer. A similar gadget is shown in Gremlins with inventor Randall Peltzer creating it.

While there are a ton of classic 80s movies references in Stranger Things, it’s clear that Gremlins was a huge influence on the writers during the second and third seasons.