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Wyoming: JCPenney

Wyoming and Stranger Things aren’t exactly linked in the most interesting of ways, but stick with me. With the building of the Starcourt Mall in Hawkins, the kids finally have something to do besides go to the arcade or ride their bikes around town. One of the stores in the Starcourt Mall is a store that’s pretty much in every mall ever: JCPenney

It just so happens that JCPenney was first started in Wyoming. It was founded in Kemmerer, Wyoming in 1902, 118 years ago by James Cash Penney. Imagine having a department store named after you!

We see the store in the series a couple of times. Most prominently, it’s featured in episode 2 of season 3, “Mall Rats”, when Eleven and Max are finally having a girls-only shopping trip and they are making over Eleven’s look.

We also see it in the background when Mike and Lucas are walking through the mall with Will. Mike is complaining about girls because Eleven is pretty much done with his whiny nonsense. Lucas tries to reassure him, but his advice…it’s not the best. Will just wants to go play some D&D and have things be back to the way they were before he was kidnapped.

The JCPenney sign is also featured in the scene when Joyce, Hopper, and Murray finally come upon the kids in the mall. Eleven just shot a piece of Mind Flayer out of her leg and Hopper steps on it. When the camera pans up, you can see the store’s sign lit up in the background.

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