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California: Eggo waffles, Sean Astin and Matthew Modine

While some of the states above didn’t have the greatest connection with Stranger Things, California definitely does! There are quite a few links between The Golden State and the horror show. The first link is to Matthew Modine who plays Eleven’s “father” at the secret lab, Martin Brenner. Brenner was also the one who went after her friends once Eleven escaped. Modine was born in California.

Another actor from the show who was born there was Sean Astin, also known as Bob Newby (aka Samwise Gamgee). Bob is one of the most beloved characters to ever die on the show and probably one of the hardest deaths to take (sorry, Barb). RIP Bob! We will never forget you.

But that’s not all! The Stranger Things writers room is also in California as is Netflix’s headquarters.

And, believe it or not, Eggos Waffles, Eleven’s favorite comfort food, was invented in California. It was created by Frank Dorsa who developed the process to cook the waffles while frozen and packaged them for us all to buy.

The frozen waffles got their name because of their egg flavor and apparently, people who bought them started calling them Eggos and history was made. But it wasn’t until 1955 when the name was actually changed to Eggos.

California is definitely one of the states that has the biggest connection to the series.