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South Dakota: Michael J. Groetken watches Stranger Things

Ok, y’all. To be completely honest, we could not find a single fun fact that linked South Dakota to Stranger Things. So we went to social media looking for a fan of the show who was from South Dakota. We found one in Michael J. Groetken! He represents the Mount Rushmore State.

Clearly, he is not the only one since the show had over 26 million viewers for season 3 alone and that was only in the first four days it was out. That was 17% more viewers than the season 2 premiere. It probably didn’t hurt that season 3 aired over the Fourth of July weekend and people were home and ready to binge-watch the new season.

Fans had also waited almost two years for season 3 so it’s easy to see why the number of viewers blew season 2 away.

In the first four weeks, 64 million households watched the sci-fi show, according to Variety and Netflix’s Q3 letter to shareholders. For comparison, that’s like the entire population of Ethiopia all watching one show in four weeks. That’s a lot of people!

Even if this number is based on members only watching some of the first episode, that’s still a lot of people checking out the third season of a well-established show.