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South Carolina: Madelyn Cline

South Carolina’s connection to Stranger Things also has a link to another show on Netflix, Outer Banks. The actress who plays Sarah Cameron, Madelyn Cline, also appeared in two episodes of Stranger Things and is from Charleston, South Carolina.

She played Tina in season 3. She was one of the girls who was checking out Billy when he first showed up at Hawkins High School. Yikes, girl. Stay away! Have some taste!

Tina is also the one that held the Halloween party at her house that Nancy, Steve, and Jonathan ended up at. At the party, she was dressed up like Madonna in “Like a Virgin.” After that moment, we don’t see her again.

But clearly, Madelyn Cline is not lacking for work now that she’s a main character on Outer Banks. As Sarah Cameron, she is considered on the side of the Kooks since she is fairly privileged, rich, and viewed as a bit of a princess.

That being said, she catches the eye of John B. (played by Chase Stokes) who is the leader of The Pogues, the working-class kids who usually work for the Kooks, and that leads her on an adventure she never saw coming.

Madelyn Cline has also starred in The Originals and Vice Principals.