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Arkansas: Reagan-Bush Election

Even Arkansas has a connection with Netflix’s Stranger Things, although it is a very small one. In the first season of the series, the Wheelers have a sign on their front lawn for the 1984 election. The sign shows their support for Ronald Reagen and George H.W. Bush. Well, in the actual election, Reagan and Bush carried Arkansas and won the election by a landslide.

This was really no surprise as Arkansas is (and was) a conservative-leaning state. But even more people than usual came out to vote during that election and voted for Regan. He won the state with a 22-point lead against his opponent Walter Mondale.

But the real question is who do we think put that sign up on the lawn? It definitely wasn’t Mike or Nancy (and Holly is way too young) and their mom seems too cool to be voting for Reagan or at least to show her support in that way.

I think it’s definitely the very boring, shirt and tie, sweater and turtleneck-wearing Ted Wheeler. He reeks of a Regan voter and there’s no way he didn’t push that sign into their lawn.

So while it’s not the best connection, there still is one between the popular Netflix horror show and The Land of Opportunity.