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Oregon: The Goonies

Oregon has quite a few connections to Stranger Things. The first is that The Goonies was set in Astoria, Oregon, and Stranger Things is heavily influenced by that film. Sean Astin also happens to be in both The Goonies and Stranger Things. The Goonies references are pretty obvious in the show, outside of having Sean Astin in season 2.

Both of them have a group of kids searching for something or someone. Both use bikes as their main source of transportation. And lots of the character personalities match up between the movie and the series.

Stand By Me is another film that the show draws inspiration from and that also happens to be set in Oregon. Stand By Me has four friends coming-of-age and even walk across the railroad like the boys do in Stranger Things. The kids in both Stand By Me and Stranger Things also have to deal with bullies and are kind of the farthest thing from jocks you can get.

Stand By Me was inspired by Stephen King’s novella called The Body, which also happens to be the title of one of the episodes in season 1. It’s the episode where Will’s “body” is found dead, but the kids (and Joyce) don’t believe it’s actually him.

While that’s not the exact story of Stand By Me, the kids do find a corpse of someone they know in the movie so there’s clearly some inspiration there too. There are lots of connections to popular films that take place in Oregon in this series!