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New York: Lots of the cast is from here

New York is another one of those states that could be called a Stranger Things State. A bunch of the actors on the cast were born there, including David Harbour (Hopper), Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas), Cara Buono (Mrs. Wheeler), Noah Schnapp (Will), Paul Resier (Sam Owens), Maya Hawk (Robin), and Gabrielle Pizzolo, also known as Suzie. And most were born in New York City.

It is the land of the Stranger Things cast! It makes sense though. Lots of actors grow up in either New York City or California or end up moving there since those are the places where the opportunities are.

New York is also almost where the show was going to be set. The show was originally called Montauk and was going to be set in Montauk in East Hampton.

I can’t imagine the show taking place in the Hamptons and being anything close to what it is today, so it was definitely a good choice to change it to a small fictional town in Indiana. It wouldn’t have the same 80s movie vibe with kids just trying to get by in a town where there’s not much going on.

Jim Hopper in the Hamptons would be much different than the one we see today in Hawkins. Whoever decided to make a location change was a genius.